C60 Anti-Aging Supplement

C60, short for Carbon 60, is a breathtaking molecule that has recently risen to prominence has the greatest Anti-aging force around. In a 2012 study that was supposed to determined the lethal dose of C60. The scientist found that the test group (given C60 dissolved in in olive oil) far outlived the control group rats (not given the C60), they lived twice as long!

Product description

BEST OLIVE OIL: Our olive oil is directly sourced from organic Koroneiki Olives grown in the Kalamate region in Greece (Certified USDA Organic, Kosher, Kalamata PDO). This awarding-winning Iliada Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by Agro.vim S.A. Iliada, in Greece, and can be found in many of the fine, high-end restaurants around the world, known for its extraordinary taste. Reported Benefits Include: INCREASES LONGEVITY: C60 may protect cellular and mitochondrial membranes. A recent research study found that test subjects that took C60 in olive oil increased their lifespan by 90%! REDUCES PAIN & INFLAMMATION: C60 may act as a free radical scavenger, fighting off aging and illness. It alkalizes the body, and users have reported that it helps reduce pain and inflammation with conditions like arthritis. HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT: Many users have reported a major boost in workout energy and weight loss thanks to C60. PROMOTES HEALTHY SLEEP: Much like melatonin, our C60 supplement is said to promote healthier sleep among users. How to Store C60: It’s recommended that our C60 olive oil be kept in a cool, dark place to keep it fresh and make it last as long as possible.