Genius Consciousness

Genius Consciousness – Super Nootropic Brain Booster Supplement – Enhance Focus, Boost Concentration & Improve Memory | Mind Enhancement with Alpha GPC & Lions Mane Mushroom for Neuro Energy & IQ.

Om case you haven’t heard, “nootropics” are the hottest new brain supplements around. You may have seen them on the hit show “Limitless” or on the news. Pretty much anything that promises to boost your IQ iOS labeled nootropic.

We Don’t Have Limits! Evolve With Next Level Nootropic Brain Support!

Nootropics and smart drugs have been all the rage since everyone saw Bradley Cooper take the fictonal limitless pill known as nzt-48 on the big screen but that was hollywood and this is real life. “Smart Drugs” lack credible research and they are not FDA approved.

Genius Consciousness is not a smart drug. Genius Consciousness is a combination of the strongest all-natural brain ehnancing ingredients brought together in an all-in-one, great tasting daily drink for high performance thinking. Genius Consciousness has redefined the nootropic category by harnassing the power of nature.

How do you really progress & evolve mentally? You give your brain what it needs to be successful. What factors really drive brain function? What ingredients really drive focus? How do you become limitless?

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